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Other Smartphones Repair

We Ensure Your Smartphone Serves you with Proficiency

So, which mobile phone are you using? Is it a Blackberry, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Google or Huawei? Each brand has its own line of features which require tailored treatment in case of emergency. Even if it is a complicated fault, our engineers are skilled enough to identify the problem most promptly. So don’t hesitate if you ever experience a problem with your mobile phone. Remember we are here to serve you with best solutions.

Make your phone as functional as you can by getting in touch with iGenius and also add to its performance and looks with our expert support. Now, you can flaunt your mobile phone whenever you want.

LCD Repair/Replacement: Did your phone undergo huge pressure? Did the screen get affected? Do not ever consider this to be a problem bad enough to force you into selling the device or discarding it. Come to iGenius we can repair and replace the phone’s LCD, giving it a post-showroom look, something you had always desired for.

Battery Charging/Replacement: If your phone is no longer getting charged/consuming too much of battery life within a short span, our iGenius engineers will ensure that the device performs with maximum backup. For professional battery replacement services we are always there so that you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

No Signal: Weak signal is a big issue when you are trying to connect with people. Be it an emergency call or a candid chat with a friend whom you have come in contact with after years, getting interrupted because of weak signal or a call drop is truly disappointing. Let our specialists take care of the matter and turn mere interruptions into prolong connectivity.

Water Damage: Did the phone just slip off your hand and land up in liquid or an accidental spill caused a wreck to the device? Liquid damage is dangerous and it can severely affect the function of the phone to the extent of becoming non-functional. However we make a true a claim, we enliven a device from a point where the system has completely stopped working.

Broken buttons: Your phone basically works with respect to the command it receives. At iGenius, our engineers take care of the buttons which connect you to the phone’s system. No matter if it is broken or has come out, we have replacements as well as repair solutions for mobile phone buttons.

Non-functional speaker: often speaker problems arise with a phone irrespective of its age. Whether the speakers are producing a distorted sound or not working at all, the need for fixing speakers demands no mention. Basically when you can’t hear anything on the phone, it becomes useless to you. Our engineers will look into the matter and analyze the defect and then provide an ultimate solution. Indeed iGenius is the top mobile repair company you will ever come across.