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Just watch out for iGenius’s first class mobile repair services. No matter how hard the damage may get, iGenius hires geniuses who work round the clock to offer maximum support when it comes to mobile repairing. From software damage, no signal and button issues, liquid damage, speaker problems to dead battery and everything it takes to turn your phone into a non-functional object, iGenius engineers put the right efforts and knowledge into working it out and turning the device to as good as new.

Make your phone as functional as you can by getting in touch with iGenius and also add to its performance and looks with our expert support. Now, you can flaunt your mobile phone whenever you want.


Drop in your phone to us and get back the same device with a new face.


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If your phone is no longer getting charged/consuming too much of battery life within a short span, our iGenius engineers will ensure that the device performs with maximum…

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Don’t step back thinking we offer high-end solutions for a huge cost. Visit iGenius, for we offer the widest range of mobile repair solutions for an affordable price.


iPhone 13  Repairs

  • iPhone 13  Screen Replacement $  please call us
  • iPhone 13 Pro Screen Replacement $  please call us
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Replacement $  please call us

iPhone 12  Repairs

  • iPhone 12  Screen Replacement $240
  • iPhone 12  Pro Screen Replacement $240
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max $  please call us

iPhone 11  Repairs

  • iPhone 11  Screen Replacement $130
  • iPhone 11  Pro Screen Replacement $130
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Replacement $180

iPhone X Repairs

  • iPhone X Screen Replacement $120
  • iPhone XS Screen Replacement $120
  • iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement $150
  • iPhone XR Screen Replacement $130

iPad Repairs

  • ipad 2 Glass rep$95.00
  • ipad 3 Glass rep$95.00
  • ipad 4 Glass rep$95.00
  • ipad Air 1 Glass rep$120.00
  • ipad Air 2 Glass rep$250.00
  • ipad mini 1 Glass rep$120.00
  • ipad mini 2 Glass rep$120.00
  • ipad mini 3 Glass rep$160.00

iphone 7 Repairs

  • iphone 7 Glass rep $120.00
  • iphone 7 Glass with lcd rep$160.00

iPhone 6 Repairs

  • iphone 6G Glass rep$95.00
  • phone 6G Glass with lcd rep$100.00
  • iphone 6 plus Glass rep$100.00
  • iphone 6 plus Glass with lcd rep$120.00
  • iphone 6S Glass rep$100.00
  • iphone 6S Glass with lcd rep$120.00
  • iphone 6S plus Glass rep$120.00
  • iphone 6S plus Glass with lcd rep$140.00

iPhone 5 Repairs

  • iphone 5G Glass replacememt $80.00
  • iphone 5G Glass with lcd replacement$90.00
  • iphone 5s Glass rep$80.00
  • iphone 5S Glass with lcd rep$90.00
  • iphone 5C Glass rep$80.00
  • iphone 5C Glass with lcd rep$90.00

iPhone 4 Repairs

  • iphone 4G Glass only replacement   $  please call us
  • iphone 4G glass with lcd rep  $  please call us
  • iphone 4S Glass rep   $  please call us
  • iphone 4S lcd with Glass replacement  $ please call us


  • Samsung S3 Glass rep$95.00
  • Samsung S3 Glass with lcd rep$160.00
  • Samsung S4 Glass rep$95.00
  • Samsung S4 Glass with lcd rep$170.00
  • Samsung S5 Glass with lcd rep $190.00
  • Samsung S6 Glass with lcd rep $290.00
  • Samsung S6 Edge glass with lcd rep $320.00
  • Samsung S7 Glass with lcd rep $ 280.00
  • Samsung S7 Edge Glass with lcd rep $350.00


  • For other smartphone repairs, please call us or send us an inquiry with your phone details and contact information. We will get back to you with a quote for the same.